Review: Meet Me

Meet Me - Azure Boone

Title: Meet Me

Author: Azure Boone

Genre: Erotica, Contemporary

Rating: 2 Stars


Description/Synopsis: Tasha feels safe in her online affair. Plus she’s broken no hard moral rules. But that all changes when her cyber lover types those two forbidden words: Meet Me.




There's only one reason I really didn't give this 1 star: I finished reading the book. The writing was clear and easy to follow, which is probably one of two semi-reasonable reasons the writing wasn't awful. The other reason is that the sex scenes, though a bit trashy at times, weren't laughable. I'm sure to someone they were even sexy. Not to me - but maybe that's because I've read so many romance and erotica novels over the years that I'm rather immune to their effect.


This story is centered around a woman, Tasha, who's married and has 8 kids. Unfortunately, her husband is a bit of a jerk and ignores her most of the time. Tasha also believes him to be cheating on her, and he openly patronizes her and criticizes everything she does in front of their kids, as well as friends. Fed up with him, Tasha turns to her computer and an online group of friends to get herself through life without resorting to murder.


The general basis of the plot isn't a bad one. I actually applaud Tasha her ability to successfully raise 8 healthy, well-adjusted children despite her relationship.


The problems start when Morgan, a man in Tasha's online group goes from being a kind, friendly man, to a bit of a horn dog. Suddenly this guy wants to meet her, and he's talking dirty out of nowhere. Now, as someone who's been teaching children, teenagers, and adults for years about online safety, this really set off a warning bell in my head. My first response was "okay, someone took over his profile." When I learned that wasn't true, my second response was "Okay, she needs to get away from this guy, because obviously he's not who he says he is." Guys that act that way online out of the blue, or even just right away after you meet them are generally after one thing: sex - and couldn't care less about you as a person or your personal safety. Simple fact of the matter.


Now, remember that Tasha is married (albeit to an ass), and has 8 kids.. yet she barely waffles over the moral/ethical choice to go meet this guy in a hotel after he's already declared that he wants her. Her friends for the most part don't even have a problem with it. This isn't just unsafe, it's STUPID. Ladies - never agree to go to a hotel and meet some guy off the internet. Pick a neutral, well populated place, and take a friend. Tasha did take a friend, but other than one brief mention, she wasn't really present to help out - not to mention the Tasha went to the meeting agreeing not to wear any underthings.


...Seriously? It's not like she can even claim the excuse that she went to just talk. If a guy asks you not to bring your underwear, you can be fairly certain of what his expectations are. Come on.


Soon, Tasha finds herself LOCKED in a room with this guy she barely knows, and sex ensues. I couldn't say I was surprised, but I was still reeling over this woman's stupidity. She doesn't know him, he obviously wants sex from her - even expects it, has locked the door, claims he can't have children (therefore no condom!... we won't even go into the many reasons that was stupid)... and seems perfectly fine with this decision.


Can we have silence for a moment over this woman's infuriating idiocy?


Thank you. He then declares afterwards that he wants to marry her - setting off another round of warning sirens in my head. To make a very long story short, Tasha eventually agrees to be "set up" in an apartment by this guy (that she still barely knows) has lots of domineering if not outright uncomfortable sex (despite being married and having 8 kids - I'm not going to let you forget that), and pretty much leaves her husband and takes her kids with her.


If Tasha were real I'd call child/family services to come collect her kids because obviously she can't make sound judgement calls.


The worst part however was the enraging end of the story where Morgan restrains her during sex (whatever, to each his own) and then reveals that he's not actually who he says he is. (DUH). He's actually her husband. WHAT?! He suddenly had a change of heart over their marriage, sold his toys, and has been working to win her back by pretending to be this random guy online. Somehow, she didn't notice that this guy she's been having sex with is the same person as the guy she's been married to for at least 13+ years.


... Can I hear a great big resounding W.T.F.? I was so mad I wanted to punch the author right then and there. I was secretly hoping Morgan was going to turn out to be some kind of rich millionaire (as cliche as that is) or famous person and -that- is why he seemed so familiar to Tasha, and was able to set her up in a very nice apartment. I was so grossed out by her husband and his attitude (not to mention his crotch-rubbing friend.. i'm not kidding.) that I wanted to throw my kindle across the room when it was revealed that Morgan was the same person.


I still have the heebie jeebies. *shiver*  I don't understand why this guy couldn't just try to fix his marriage in a reasonable manner rather than sneaking around lying to her to trick her into wanting him. I'd consider that a huge betrayal and divorce his ass immediately.


Right now, the book is free on amazon, but seriously, don't download it. The ickiness you'll feel after reading it isn't worth it. Back away slowly.